Looking to Expand Your German Vocabulary? Here's How to Say 'Black' in German (2023)

Are you interested in learning new German vocabulary? In this article, we've got you covered with various ways to say 'black' in German. From the standard term 'schwarz' to more descriptive options like 'dunkel' and 'kohlschwarz,' you'll find a range of words to express different shades and nuances of black. Whether you want to describe a sinister black or emphasize a deep and intense shade, options like 'finster' and 'tiefschwarz' are at your disposal. So, let's dive in and explore the fascinating world of German expressions for the color black.

Schwarz - The Standard Term for Black

You'll often hear Germans say 'Schwarz' when referring to the color black. This is the standard term used for black in the German language. It's a concise and precise way to describe the color, and it's widely understood by native German speakers. Whether you're talking about black clothing, black objects, or even black hair, 'Schwarz' is the word you'll want to use.

Dunkel - Describing Darkness or Deep Black

Conveying the essence of darkness or an intense shade, 'dunkel' in the German language encapsulates the depth of blackness. This term is often used to describe the color of objects or surfaces that are very dark or black. It emphasizes the intensity and richness of the shade, conveying a sense of depth and mystery. Whether it's a dark night sky or a deep black fabric, 'dunkel' captures the true essence of darkness in German.

Kohlschwarz - Literally Translated as "Coal Black"

Delving into the concept of 'Kohlschwarz,' one can appreciate the depth and intensity of this coal-black shade in the German language. The word 'Kohlschwarz' literally translates to 'coal black,' capturing the rich darkness associated with coal. It is a term used to describe a very deep and intense shade of black, often used to describe the color of coal or anything that resembles its darkness.

Rabenfarbig - Describing the Color of a Raven

Imagine the sleek and glossy feathers of a raven, their color described as 'rabenfarbig' in German, a shade so deep and lustrous that it emanates an air of mystery and darkness. This word perfectly captures the essence of black, as it's associated with the enigmatic nature of these intelligent birds. Ravens are often regarded as symbols of wisdom and are known for their striking appearance, making 'rabenfarbig' a fitting term to describe the captivating black hue.

Pechschwarz - Referring to the Color of Pitch or Tar

You can't help but feel a shiver run down your spine as you gaze upon the inky darkness of a raven's feathers, a shade so deep and intense that it reminds you of the pitch-black depths of a moonless night. This deep black color is often described as 'pechschwarz' in German. The term 'pechschwarz' derives from the words 'Pech' meaning pitch or tar, and 'schwarz' meaning black, perfectly capturing the intense darkness of this color.

Nacht - Associating Black with the Night

As you delve into the depths of the night, 'Nacht' paints a captivating canvas of mystery and intrigue. The word 'Nacht' in German is commonly associated with black, representing the darkness that engulfs the world during nighttime. It evokes a sense of secrecy and allure, as shadows dance and moonlight casts an ethereal glow. 'Nacht' is a word that embraces the enigmatic nature of black, captivating our imagination and leaving us in awe of the night's beauty.

Obsidian - Borrowed from English, Describing the Color of the Volcanic Glass

'Obsidian,' a borrowed English term, captures the fiery essence of the volcanic glass, igniting a primal fascination and a deep sense of awe. This dark material, formed from rapidly solidified lava, possesses a velvety black color that is both captivating and mysterious. Used in ancient times for tools and weapons, obsidian holds a unique place in history. Its sleek, glassy texture and intense black hue make it a striking and unforgettable material.

Finster - Suggesting a Dark and Sinister Black

Immerse yourself in the sinister allure of 'Finster,' a shade of black that evokes an eerie darkness, leaving you with an unshakeable sense of unease. This German word perfectly captures the essence of a deep, foreboding black. It's a color that seems to consume all light, enveloping its surroundings in a haunting shroud. 'Finster' is a powerful word that conveys a sense of mystery and darkness, making it an ideal choice when describing something truly ominous.

Tiefschwarz - Emphasizing a Deep and Intense Black

Dive into the depths of 'Tiefschwarz,' a black so deep and intense that it captivates your gaze and draws you into its enigmatic allure. This shade of black is rich and velvety, absorbing all light and leaving no room for reflection. Its darkness is impenetrable, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue. Tiefschwarz is a color that commands attention and evokes a sense of sophistication and elegance. It's a true testament to the power and beauty of black.

Rabenschwarz - Similar to "Rabenfarbig," Referring to the Color of a Raven

Now let's delve into another term to describe black in German: 'Rabenschwarz.' This expression draws its inspiration from the color of a raven, which is deep and lustrous. By using 'Rabenschwarz,' you can vividly convey the intensity and darkness of black. This term is often employed when emphasizing the richness of black in various contexts, from fashion to art and beyond.


In conclusion, there are several ways to say black in German. The most common term is 'schwarz,' which is the standard term for black. Other words such as 'dunkel,' 'kohlschwarz,' 'rabenfarbig,' 'pechschwarz,' 'obsidian,' 'finster,' 'tiefschwarz,' and 'rabenschwarz' can also be used to describe different shades or aspects of black. By using these various terms, you can add depth and nuance to your descriptions of the color black in the German language.

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