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About EY

Ernst & Young Global Limited, trade name EY, isa multinational professional services partnership headquartered in London, England.

Your role

  • Supporting the delivery of key projects for EY'sclients on a wide range of sustainability issues.
  • Contribute to commercial insights and thought leadership for EY'sclients.
  • Helping to develop new capabilities in sustainability-driven end-to-end transformation and apply these to the firm'sclient's businesses.
  • Building your knowledge in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG).
  • Working with colleagues across different service lines to deliver multi-disciplinary and cross-geographical work.
  • Studying towards a relevant professional qualification or accreditation.

Training, development & rotations

Here at EY, personalizing your career is about more than just flexibility and advancement. EY help keeps you relevant in a world where nothing stands still. EY invests in your development so that you can become a purpose-driven, transformative leader, with the mindset and tech skill sets to set you apart and help deliver long-term value to clients.

Transformative leadership at EY means being purpose-driven. It means bringing out the best in yourself with continuous investment in your personal development offered by EY. It means bringing out the best in others by actively mentoring and coaching others. It means building trust, and relating to others in an authentic, courageous and high-integrity manner. And overall, it means being passionate about your team, business and impact on your community.

EY Badges opens a world of possibilities by enabling you to earn digital badges for future-focused skills such as data visualization, data science and artificial intelligence (AI) and skills like transformational leadership or inclusive intelligence.

Salary & benefits

Dependent on the location fresh graduate salary at EY UK starts from£27,600 per year.

You’ll receive a wealth of opportunities, benefits, programmes and policies to help you achieve success in all elements of your life and to recognise and reward the value you bring to the firm's business.Rewards at EY come in all shapes and sizes. Why? Because EY wants you to enjoy life outside of work just as much as you enjoy working.

Career progression

The programme lasts two years and will provide you with a variety of experiences and learning opportunities to support your development. You will develop the skills to decipher how each client's problem is different and to find innovative ways of solving them. You will be part of a large graduate community and diverse multi-disciplinary team, which is a great opportunity to build your network and develop your leadership skills.

By the time you finish, you can expect to be well on your way to becoming a Senior Consultant with the opportunity to build a specialism in your preferred area.

Work-life balance

When you can shape work around your life, you’re likelier to be happier and more productive. That’s why EY has several policies to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Up to 27 days of annual leave with the option to buy and sell
  • Flexible working - formal and informal flexible working arrangements, including options to work from home, reduce your hours, or flex your start and finish times.
  • Family leave;including maternity, adoption, surrogacy, paternity, and shared parental leave of up to 52 weeks.
  • Career and Family coachingfor all individuals taking family leave.
  • Special leave.Time off work when you need it most.

Culture & vibe

How businesses create and protect value is changing.Fifty-two per cent of a given company’s value is from intangible assets. However, stating values is one thing; living them every day is another. Corporate culture is defined by unwritten rules that set expectations for how people decide and behave. It is reflected by what people do every day, by what’s celebrated, emphasized and overlooked.

As leaders drive transformation, acquire and divest businesses, refresh their strategies, and manage risk, they must also evolve their culture to support new ways of working. Evolving corporate culture can be done, deliberately and measurably. Modern data, analytic and behavioural science approaches allow EY to make practical shifts in ways that were closer to impossible just 10 years ago.

About you

EY operates an open access policy, meaning it doesn’t screen out applications on your academic performance alone. EY welcomes applications from candidates working towards an honours degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Finance, Business, Sustainable Development, Physical Geography or similar. A masters degree in subjects such as Environmental Economics, Sustainable Finance, Sustainable Development and Climate Change would be highly desirable, but is not essential.

Additionally you should have a minimum of grade 4/C GCSE (or equivalent) in English Language and Maths, and three A-levels/Five Highers (or equivalent) to be eligible to apply.

EY welcomes applications from all academic backgrounds and is looking for individuals who will succeed at EY in the desired role and future qualifications, therefore throughout our recruitment process, your academic performance will be considered against your online assessment scores to determine your suitability for an EY role. The firm is also proud to partner withRARE recruitment so that your application can be processed in the context of your socio-economic background. This allows us to give you the maximum credit for your achievements, assessing whether you have overachieved in light of your circumstances.

How to apply

First, you’ll need to create your account (remember these details so you can log back in easily).

You’ll then need to choose your programme and your preferred location to work.

EY wants to make sure that your application process is as straightforward as possible. So, before you get started with Stage 1, please make sure:

  • You know which programme you want to apply for (remember, you can only apply for one)
  • Your computer or laptop has a working webcam, and a microphone (internal or external), you have access to broadband or high-speed internet and you’re able to install the software (you’ll be prompted to install the latest version of Adobe Flash during Stage 2). While our application process works best on Chrome, it’s also supported by Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (IE10 and later)

After registering, EY will be looking to learn all about you. It’s where you enter your details and experience.

  • When filling out your details, please read the instructions carefully and provide all the details of your qualifications. Finally – it sounds obvious – but don’t forget to proofread your answers before submitting them.

Ready? Great, let’s get started.

EY will let you know immediately if you’re through to the next stage.


The following sources were used in researching this page:


As an expert in the field of professional services and sustainability issues, particularly within the context of multinational organizations, I have a comprehensive understanding of the role played by companies like EY (Ernst & Young Global Limited) in shaping sustainable business practices. My expertise extends to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG), which are pivotal components of contemporary corporate responsibility.

The information provided about EY's initiatives aligns with industry best practices, showcasing a commitment to sustainability-driven end-to-end transformation. My familiarity with the industry allows me to elaborate on the key concepts mentioned in the article:

  1. EY's Role and Projects:

    • EY is actively involved in supporting the delivery of key projects for clients, focusing on a wide range of sustainability issues.
    • The organization contributes to commercial insights and thought leadership for clients, showcasing a commitment to being at the forefront of sustainable business practices.
  2. Capabilities in Sustainability-Driven Transformation:

    • EY is dedicated to developing new capabilities in sustainability-driven end-to-end transformation and applying them to clients' businesses.
    • This implies a proactive approach to integrating sustainable practices across all aspects of business operations.
  3. Focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance):

    • EY emphasizes building knowledge in ESG, highlighting the significance of these factors in modern business strategies.
    • The commitment to ESG aligns with the global trend of businesses incorporating ethical and sustainable considerations into their decision-making processes.
  4. Training and Development:

    • EY emphasizes personalized career development, investing in employees' skills and capabilities.
    • The mention of EY Badges indicates a forward-looking approach, recognizing the importance of skills like data science and artificial intelligence (AI) in the modern professional landscape.
  5. Salary and Benefits:

    • The information on the fresh graduate salary at EY UK provides a tangible perspective on the rewards offered to employees.
    • The focus on a wealth of opportunities, benefits, and programs reflects EY's commitment to the overall well-being and success of its workforce.
  6. Career Progression:

    • The two-year program at EY aims to provide diverse experiences and learning opportunities for career development.
    • The prospect of becoming a Senior Consultant and building a specialization reflects a clear path for career progression.
  7. Work-Life Balance:

    • EY acknowledges the importance of work-life balance, offering policies such as flexible working arrangements and family leave.
    • The emphasis on up to 27 days of annual leave and special leave demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being.
  8. Corporate Culture and Transformation:

    • The article discusses the evolving nature of corporate culture at EY, emphasizing the need for deliberate and measurable shifts.
    • The integration of modern data, analytics, and behavioral science approaches showcases a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends.
  9. Application Process:

    • EY's open access policy and inclusive recruitment process are highlighted, emphasizing the consideration of candidates from diverse academic backgrounds.
    • Collaboration with RARE recruitment indicates a commitment to assessing applicants in the context of their socio-economic background.
  10. Sources:

    • The article refers to the official EY careers page as a source, ensuring credibility and accuracy in the information provided.

In summary, EY's approach to sustainability, employee development, and inclusive recruitment reflects a forward-thinking and responsible corporate strategy in alignment with current global trends.

Sustainable Finance Transformation Graduate Programme at EY UK | Prosple UK (2024)
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